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The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and its State Collaborative Partners understand that the REAP 2.0 statutory application deadline of December 31, 2022 is fast approaching, and that providing an executed resolution by the application deadline may be difficult. As such, HCD is allowing limited flexibility by allowing all applicants to submit executed resolutions to HCD by February 15, 2023. Resolution templates for all applicants can now be found on our REAP 2.0 program website.


Please note: The deadline for the remainder of the completed application package remains December 31, 2022.


A complete application package for REAP 2.0 funds includes, among other things, a proposed budget, a proposed timeline table, and self-certified attachments demonstrating compliance with threshold requirements. To clarify for non-MPO applicants (Rural/Tribal, HIT), a Sample Invoice is not a required component of the Application Package.


Additionally, HCD has uploaded new application files for the Rural/Tribal and MPO full applications to the website. While the content of the applications did not change, some functions of the applications were not working properly and are now fully functional.


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The Regional Early Action Planning grants program of 2021 (REAP 2.0) are a key part of strategic investments toward a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for people in all areas of the state. REAP 2.0 is explicitly intended to meet multiple objectives, including infill development, housing for all incomes, VMT reduction, and affirmatively furthering fair housing in ways that accelerate the implementation of adopted regional and local plans to achieve these goals. The program is a $600 million state investment to advance the aforementioned plans and goals by funding planning and development activities.

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