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REAP Local Awards *


County of Calaveras        $1.74 million

To cover the cost of permit fees and utility connections for approximately 76 lower- to moderate-income homes near public transit and employment centers

County of Tuolumne      $3.08 million

For the expansion of the Jamestown Sanitary District sewer system and wastewater treatment facilities and the construction of the Valley Vista Water Storage Tank, which will support future housing developments in several of the County’s large and undeveloped parcels.

* These projects are not affiliated with the CSCoC, but we applaud and support our local agencies.  These numbers are accurate as of November 2023.

The Regional Early Action Planning grants program of 2021 (REAP 2.0) are a key part of strategic investments toward a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for people in all areas of the state. REAP 2.0 is explicitly intended to meet multiple objectives, including infill development, housing for all incomes, VMT reduction, and affirmatively furthering fair housing in ways that accelerate the implementation of adopted regional and local plans to achieve these goals. The program is a $600 million state investment to advance the aforementioned plans and goals by funding planning and development activities.

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