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New Member Orientation  [Under Construction]

Strategic Plan
  • Goal 1a: Reducing the number of persons experience homelessness

  • Goal 1b: Reducing the number of persons experiencing unsheltered homelessness on a daily basis 

  • Goal 2:   Reducing the number of persons who become homeless for the first time 

  • Goal 3:  Increasing the number of people exiting homelessness into permanent housing 

  • Goal 4:  Reducing the length of time persons remain homeless 

  • Goal 5:  Reducing the number of persons who return to homelessness after exiting homelessness 

  • Goal 6:  Increasing successful placements from street outreach 

  • Goal 1: Strengthen Continuum of Care administrative capacity to increase resources for the crisis response system

  • Goal 2: Move people who are experiencing homelessness into permanent housing as quickly as possible

  • Goal 3: Help formerly homeless households retain their housing

  • Goal 4: Prevent and divert new households from becoming homeless

Written Standards
  • CSCoC and ESG Written Standards Approved January 2020 - addenda approved May 2021

  • Coordinated Entry – the CSCoC Coordinated Entry (CE) system has been developed in accordance with the HUD CoC regulations.  Participation in this system is mandatory for ESG and CSCoC service providers

  • HMIS – all ESG and CSCoC service providers are required to participate in the HMIS per ESG and CoC Interim Rule (24 CFR 576 and 578)

  • Fair Housing, Antidiscrimination, Equal Access

  • Housing Requirements

  • Standards for Termination of Assistance and Grievance Procedure

  • Privacy and Safety for Survivors of Domestic Violence

  • Housing First Commitment

  • Progressive Engagement

  • Standards for Emergency Shelters

  • Standards for Rapid Re-Housing and Homeless Prevention

  • Standards for Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP)

  • California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH)

  • Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program (HHAP)

  • Components of Eligible ESG and CoC Activities

  • HUD Definitions of Homelessness

  • Documentation for Chronic Homelessness

  • Written Standards for Street Outreach

  • Previously Adopted Written Standards for Transitional Housing

  • Approved March 2020

  • Access, Assessment, Prioritization, Safety Planning, and Evaluation

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 Notice

  • Right to File Discrimination Complaints Notice and Form

  • Emergency Transfer Plan for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking

  • Approved April 28, 2021

  • Functions of the CSCoC, Operating the CoC, and CoC Planning

  • Designating and operating a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

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