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Spotlight on Legislation

AB-86 Highlights 

Statewide Homelessness Coordinator

This bill would require the Governor to appoint a Statewide Homelessness Coordinator, within the Governor’s Office, to serve as the lead person for ending homelessness in California. The bill would require the coordinator to identify a local leader in each relevant city, county, city and county, or other jurisdiction to serve as a liaison between the coordinator and that jurisdiction, oversee homelessness programs, services, data, and policies between federal, state, and local agencies, coordinate the timing of release of funds and applications for funding for housing and housing-based services impacting Californians experiencing homelessness, and, in collaboration with local leaders, provide annual recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor

SB -584 Highlights 

Laborforce Housing

This bill would enact the Laborforce Housing Financing Act of 2023, and define “laborforce housing” as housing that, among other things, is owned and managed by specified entities solely for the benefit of residents and households unable to afford market rent, and whose residents enjoy certain protections. The bill would establish, in the State Treasury, the Laborforce Housing Fund, to be continuously appropriated to the department, for the creation of laborforce housing and other specified housing projects by public entities, local housing authorities, and mission-driven nonprofit housing providers

Set for Hearing


  • 5/18/23

    • AB-67 Homeless Courts Pilot Program

    • AB-84 Property tax: welfare exemption: affordable housing

    • AB-86 Homelessness: Statewide Homelessness Coordinator

    • AB-310 CalWORKs

    • AB-323 Density Bonus Law: purchase of density bonus units by nonprofit housing organizations: civil actions

    • AB-346 Income tax credits: low-income housing: California Debt Limit Allocation Committee rulemaking

    • AB-426 Department of Housing and Community Development: California Statewide Housing Plan

    • AB-430 Community land trusts: welfare exemption: assessment: foreclosure sales: financial assistance

    • AB-464 Public documents: driver’s licenses and vital records

    • AB-531 Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2024

    • AB-550 Homelessness: point-in-time count results: meetings

    • AB-578 Multifamily Housing Program: No Place Like Home Program

    • AB-589 Homeless youth: transitional housing

    • AB-653 Federal Housing Voucher Acceleration Program

    • AB-685 Workforce training: CaliforniaVolunteers: youth job corps

    • AB-745 Reentry Housing and Workforce Development Program

    • AB-770 Residential care facilities for the elderly

    • AB-799 Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention program: Homelessness Accountability and Results Act

    • AB-920 Discrimination: housing status

    • AB-962 Identification cards

    • AB-963 The End the Foster Care-to-Homelessness Pipeline Act

    • AB-1085 Medi-Cal: housing support services

    • AB-1215 Pets Assistance With Support Grant Program: homeless shelters: domestic violence shelters: pets

    • AB-1321 California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Program

    • AB-1386 Veterans housing: tenant referrals

    • AB-1413 Homelessness prevention programs: Department of Housing and Community Development: funding

    • AB-1439 Low-income housing tax credit: farmworker housing

    • AB-1499 Social services: Coordination of Care for At-Risk Individuals Grant Program

    • AB-1508 Department of Housing and Community Development: California Statewide Housing Plan

    • AB-1587 Multifamily Housing Program: report on use of funds

    • AB-1633 Housing Accountability Act: disapprovals: California Environmental Quality Act

    • AB-1734 Local Government: Surplus Land Act: exemptions

    • AB-1738 Mobile Homeless Connect Pilot Program

    • SB-7 The Homeless Housing Obligation Act

    • SB-9 Raising the Age for Extended Foster Care Act of 2023

    • SB-17 Senior housing: tax credits

    • SB-18 Housing programs: Tribal Housing Reconstitution and Resiliency Act

    • SB-37 Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Housing Stability Act

    • SB-63 Homeless and Mental Health Court and Transitioning Home Grant Programs

    • SB-246 California Interagency Council on Homelessness

    • SB-260 CalWORKs: supportive services

    • SB-408 Foster youth with complex needs: regional health teams and short-term residential therapeutic programs

    • SB-440 Regional Housing Finance Authorities

    • SB-450 Housing development: approvals

    • SB-456 Multifamily Housing Program: nonprofit corporations: homeless or at-risk youth

    • SB-482 Multifamily Housing Program: supportive housing: capitalized operating reserves

    • SB-491 Public social services: county departments

    • SB-555 Social Housing Act of 2023

    • SB-584 Laborforce housing: Short-Term Rental Tax Law

    • SB-588 Property taxation: welfare exemption: lower income households: cap

    • SB-634 Low Barrier Navigation Center: opportunity housing: use by right: building standards

    • SB-657 Homelessness services staff training

    • SB-773 CalWORKs: homeless assistance

    • SB-842 California Interagency Council on Homelessness

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