Spotlight on Legislation

AB-2211 Highlights 

Shelter crisis: homeless shelters

  • would provide that a city, county, or city and county is in a shelter crisis if the number of unsheltered homeless persons that comprises the total homeless population within the jurisdiction of the city, county, or city and county is greater, as a percentage, than the combined average of the 49 states in the United States not including California, as determined by the Department of Housing and Community Development

  • would apply the provisions applicable to a city, county, or city and county that has declared a shelter crisis to those jurisdictions

  • would require a county or city to identify all low-barrier private shelters in the jurisdiction and include a plan to transition residents from low-barrier private shelters to permanent housing

SB-914 Highlights 

HELP (Homeless Equity for

Left Behind Populations) Act

  • would require cities, counties, and continuums of care to take specific steps to ensure that the needs of victim service providers and survivors of violence, and a gendered analysis of the causes and consequences of homelessness, are incorporated into homelessness planning and responses

  • would also impose other homelessness planning and data analysis requirements on these cities, counties, and continuums of care

  • would require the California Interagency Council on Homelessness to set and measure progress toward goals to prevent and end homelessness among domestic violence survivors and their children and among unaccompanied women

Set for Hearing

May 16

  • SB-914 - HELP Act

  • SB-1094 - Local planning

  • SB-1338 - Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program

May 18

  • AB-1695 - Affordable housing loan and grant programs: adaptive reuse

  • AB-1991 - Motels and hotels: publicly funded shelter programs

  • AB-2011 - Affordable Housing and High Road Jobs Act of 2022

  • AB-2211 - Shelter crisis: homeless shelters

  • AB-2325 - Coordinated homelessness response: Office of the Interagency Council on Homelessness

  • AB-2334 - Density Bonus Law: affordability: incentives or concessions in very low vehicle travel areas: parking standards: definitions

  • AB-2339 - Housing element: emergency shelters: regional housing need

  • AB-2503 - Landlords and tenants: California Law Revision Commission: study

  • AB-2517 - California Coordinated Neighborhood and Community Services Grant Program

  • AB-2630 - Housing: California Interagency Council on Homelessness: report

  • AB-2663 - Youth Acceptance Project

  • AB-2755 - Homelessness data reporting

  • AB-2817 - House California Challenge Program

  • AB-2881 - Public postsecondary education: students with dependent children

May 19

  • AB-1615 - Foster youth: housing

  • AB-1746 - Student financial aid: Cal Grant Reform Act

  • AB-1764 - Public postsecondary education: student housing: survey

  • AB-1816 - Reentry Housing and Workforce Development Program

  • AB-2220 - Homeless Courts Pilot Program

  • AB-2230 - CalWORKs: temporary shelter and permanent housing benefits

  • AB-2306 - Foster care

  • AB-2375 - Homeless children and youths and unaccompanied youths: housing questionnaire

  • AB-2483 - Housing for individuals experiencing homelessness

  • AB-2510 - Vehicles: driver’s licenses

  • AB-2547 - Housing Stabilization to Prevent and End Homelessness Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities Act

  • AB-2569 - Department of Homelessness Prevention, Outreach, and Support

  • AB-2670 - California Regional Initiative for Social Enterprises Program

  • AB-2775 - Automobiles and recreational vehicles: registration fees

  • AB-2823 - Medi-Cal: beneficiary maintenance needs: home upkeep allowance and transitional needs allowance

  • SB-948 - Housing finance programs: development reserves

  • SB-996 - CalWORKs eligibility

  • SB-1006 - Law enforcement: homeless outreach teams

  • SB-1047 - Early learning and care

  • SB-1083 - CalWORKs: pregnancy and homeless assistance

  • SB-1353 - Homeless population census information: collection and reporting

  • SB-1456 - Property taxation: welfare exemption: low-income housing

June 1

  • AB-321 - Childcare services: enrollment priority